GCH Rosewater 24 TT CGC

Below are photos of some of Jack's wins as well as his Canine Chronicle Ads.
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Canine Chronicle, Aug. 2009

Canine Chronicle, Sept. 2009

Canine Chronicle, Oct. 2009

Canine Chronicle, Nov. 2009

BOB, Oct. 2009, Mr. Skip Herendeen III

BOB, Nov. 2009, Mr. Richard Byrd

Group 3, Nov. 2009, Mr. Richard Byrd

BOB, Nov. 2009. Mr. Jon Cole

Group 3, Nov. 2009, Mr. Bob Moore

BOB, Dec. 2009, Ms. Edna Gonzalez

BOB, Dec. 2009, Mrs. Michele L. Billings


Photos above -- Jack, 3 years old at Merrick Park in Coral Gables, by Betsy Arellano

Photos above -- Jack, 2 years old on Brickell Avenue, by Betsy Arellano

The above photos of Jack at 19 months, were taken by Jack's friend and Obedience instructor, Betsy Arellano on a sunny day in the beautiful South Florida waters.

A quiet Jack

6 weeks

12 weeks

10 months

11 months, Puppy Group 3
Breeder Showcase, Orlando, Florida

7 months

Jack and Mom

Jack at 23 months

By Diana Ross

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