GCH CH Rosewater 24 TT CGC

1/5/2006 - 7/2/2018
Jack was bold, smart and handsome. He was typey, well-balanced and a pleasure to look at in the ring. He was always ready to work and was an excellent retriever. Like his namesake on the show, 24, Jack was always ready for action and adventure. Jack achieved his AKC Championship with several Best of Breed Awards and Group Placements from the Bred-by class.  He was a stunning presence in the ring while earning his Grand Championship.  Jack was a registered and active therapy dog and had an Agility career. Not to be outdone by his "Star Mom", Maddie, Jack appeared in print ads and magazines.

Like his mom Maddie, Jack left an indelible print on Rosy's heart, and quickly had the same effect on Lewis after Rosy passed away. He shared Rosy's spirit and zest for life. Jack quietly and peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Rosy, Maddie, Mr. Big and Tonio. Rosy's "Little Man", the smallest of Maddie's "3 kings" at birth, stood tall among them--managing to outdo, outshine and outlive his brothers. 

GCH CH Rosewater New Yorker TT CGC

1/5/2006 - 10/13/2015
Mr. Big was as happy as he was beautiful. He was full of love and charisma, and like his mother, Maddie, his tail never stopped! Mr. Big finished his AKC Championship at the very young age of 26 months and held multiple Best of Breed wins as well as Group placements on the road toward achieving his Grand Championship. Mr. Big was a registered and active therapy dog through Therapy Dogs, Inc. and visited patients on the weekends he was not traveling to a show. Patients loved his kisses! Mr. Big was owned by our dear friend Mirta Segredo and co-owned by Rosewater Labradors.  


It was with very heavy hearts that Mirta and Lewis helped Mr.Big cross the Rainbow Bridge after an unexpected diagnosis that quickly consumed him.  Big was a huge presence in our lives, and he is immensely missed.  Among the many puppies in the litters he sired, he left behind his daughter Elphie in Mirta's care.  Elphie is providing much comfort for those whose lives Biggy deeply touched.  He is the first of Maddie's beloved three kings to cross the Rainbow Bridge, and we are confident he is already reunited with both of his moms--

Maddie and Rosy.

CH Rosewater Just A Gigolo

1/5/2006 - 2/18/2018
Tonio had a gorgeous face and awesome movement. He had tons of energy and drive. He was poised, self-assured and determined. He made his presence known in the ring with his happy demeanor and his elegant stride. He was easy to handle and happy to please -- a real quality boy! Tonio was owned by our dear friend, Dr. Adrienne Berarducci and co-owned by Rosewater Labradors.

It was a very sad day for Adrienne when she had to say her final farewell to Tonio and help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was, as Adrienne called him, her "heart dog". Like all Rosewaters, he touched many hearts and will be greatly missed. We know he is in good company, with his brother Mr. Big, and his two moms--

Maddie and Rosy.

GCH CH Rosewater Babalu
GCH CH Rosewater 24 TT CGC x CH Rosewater Bad Girl CGC

8/4/08 - 5/20/22

Ricky was our second generation beautiful boy. He was sired by our own GCH Rosewater 24 "Jack" and our CH Rosewater Bad Girl "Jezebel". Ricky shows beautifully and makes an impressive presence in the ring.  He was owned by our dear friend Dr. Adrienne Berarducci.

Sadly, Adrienne passed away at the beginning of 2020.  Ricky and his 2 daughters were left behind, but were brought back home to Lewis' house.  On May 20, 2022, Lewis was by his side as Ricky crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Adrienne.  His daughters, Luna and Bacci, remain in Lewis' care.