Rosewater Labradors is dedicated to owning and breeding Labrador Retrievers for show, companionship, work and play.

We invite you to read below and familiarize yourself with our breeding practices and philosophy.


Rosewater Labradors is not a kennel. We do not own many dogs, however, our dogs are exceptional in quality, temperament, and pedigree. All our dogs trace back to well known and well-established English lines.
We do not breed just to sell puppies. This is a passion for us, not a business. We breed solely when we feel we have an optimal breeding situation that will result in a positive and long-lasting contribution to the Labrador breed.


Our dogs are not housed in outdoor runs. They share our beautiful waterfront home with us and are part of our family. Therefore, when we breed, we make sure that we are able to keep a puppy from the breeding. The puppies that we do not keep are placed in show or companion homes (depending on our assessment of the puppy), and we carefully and extensively screen potential owners.


We thoroughly study pedigrees and progeny when planning a breeding. Our goal is to bring in lines that will complement and enhance our lines. Thanks to the advances of modern science, we are not restricted to the gene pool in nearby areas when selecting a stud for one of our girls. Rather, we find the best possible stud for the breeding wherever he may be located. If needed, the breeding takes place via artificial insemination under the care and supervision of a licensed veterinarian specializing in reproduction and fertility.


The assessment of the show potential a puppy is a well thought out and painstaking process for us. Although we look at the puppies everyday from birth, we do not begin to assess their show potential until the puppies have reached their sixth week. Thereafter, we look at them weekly, and it often takes us well beyond the puppies' eighth week to make a decision as to their potential and placement. We take great pride in each and every one of our puppies and in our decisions about them. We do not subscribe to the theory that every puppy in a litter from Champion show parents, is a show quality puppy. This is simply unrealistic. However, whether going home as a pet or a show prospect, anyone of our puppies is one that his or her owner will be proud of as well.


We do not over breed our girls, nor do we start breeding them at a very young age. We believe that two litters are more than sufficient for any one girl. We let them enjoy their youth. They then take time off for puppies, and we retire them from breeding while they are young enough to continue their activities (Conformation, Agility, Rally, Therapy Work, etc.). All of our breeding stock has obtained OFA and CERF clearances. We breed no more than one litter every 18 months or longer, therefore, we have waiting lists for our puppies.


Our puppies are used to human companionship and nurturing from birth. During the first week of life, we take time off from our jobs to ensure that the puppies and mom are supervised at all times. We have a room in our home that serves as the nursery when needed, and during the rest of the time it serves as our dog exercise and grooming room. One of us will sleep in the nursery during the first four weeks of the puppies' lives.


We use the Dura-Whelp system. We have a spacious whelping box and heating system that we use during the early weeks, and subsequently, we add the weaning pen which allows our puppies to enjoy a larger play and living area and provides and opportunity for them to become self-potty trained by keeping their sleeping quarters clean and using the designated side for relieving themselves.


By the times our puppies go to their new homes, they have:

  • Experienced a variety of surfaces, such as carpet, tile, metal, grass (short and long), plastic, rubber, newspaper, etc.

  • Played with different types of objects, such as balls, soft fabric toys, rubber toys, squeaky toys, plastic items, ropes, paper, etc.

  • Been in different locations, including backyard, front yard, pool deck, kitchen, bathroom, family room, living room, crate, kennel, (even our bed!), etc.

  • Been exposed to challenges, such as climbing, going through a tunnel, stairs/steps, basic Agility obstacles, stepping and wading in water, walking on a leash, standing on a table, going on car rides, being photographed, etc.

  • Eaten from different containers including metal, plastic, ceramic, paper, etc.

  • Eaten in different locations such as ex-pen, crate, yard, kitchen, etc.

  • Met and played with new people, including children and the elderly.

  • Been exposed to other animals such as other dogs, cats, and birds.


We have recently started to test our Labradors with the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. So far, our Labs are passing with flying colors!


We truly love and enjoy this wonderful breed and we firmly believe that our breeding and puppy nurturing practices will result in the ultimate Labrador Retriever!


Contact us for more information and puppy availability.



by Whitney Houston

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

And if by chance, that special place
That you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love



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