CH Rosewater Just A Gigolo
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Tonio jailed!

Best of Winners and

Best of Breed already!

A handsome Tonio at 7 months

Tonio at home

Tonio at 23 months

Tonio at 10 months

RWD, Ft. Lauderdale Dog Club, 14 Months

Tonio on the move

RWD, West Volusia Kennel Club, 20 Months

WD, Boca Raton Dog Club, November 2009,

Judge Margaretta Patterson Kaufman

WD, Greater Miami Dog Club, December 2008

WD, Greater Naples Dog Club, Judge Donna Buxton

WD, South Dade Kennel Club, Judge Michele L. Billings

by David Lee Roth


Just a gigolo
everywhere I go
people know the part I'm playing
Paid for every dance
selling each romance
every night some heart betraying

There will come a day
youth will pass away
then what will they say about me
I know they'll say just a gigolo

Won't some sweet mama
come and take a chance with me
cause I aint so bad