A Loving Tribute to Rosy Harkow
January 28, 1960 - December 30, 2012
This website and the continued success of Rosewater Labradors
are dedicated to Rosy Harkow.
Rosy was the visionary founder, heart and soul of Rosewater Labradors. 
Her loss on December 30, 2012, after a long, valiant battle with cancer,
created a piercing chasm in the hearts of all who knew and loved her—both human and canine.  Rosy lived life to its fullest every single day, gracing us with an incomparable heart, an abundant generosity, a fiery passion and a courageous spirit.  Although all who knew her would agree that she is without a doubt inimitable, her husband Lewis and her many friends who share Rosy’s love of the Labrador Retriever, were determined to honor her memory by continuing her legacy of breeding with a personal touch. 
We learned from the best, and hoped to make her proud. 
Our revised website contains updates on the many accomplishments Rosewater Labradors have achieved.  However, in keeping with our goal of continuing Rosy’s legacy, the look and feel of our site will reflect her vision and will remain unchanged.

We were honored to have been entrusted to continue Rosy's work.  However, at this time, almost 10 years after her passing, we are sad to announce that our breeding program has come to an end.  We are exceedingly proud of all the amazing Rosewater Labradors who enriched our lives and contributed toward enhancing the breed standard.

Welcome to Rosewater Labradors. We are located in sunny South Florida. We have owned and loved Labradors for over twenty five years. Our Labradors are not only beautiful show dogs, but also take part in other activities such as

Therapy work with children and the elderly, Agility, Rally, print and TV advertising, and stage work. We are not a kennel. We raise our puppies in our home, and all our dogs are loved members of our family. We strictly adhere to the philosophy of breeding for quality and not for quantity, and of taking an active and personal role in the upbringing of our puppies.


Our Labrador Retrievers are strong, athletic dogs with happy, stable temperaments. Their zest for life makes them ideal dogs for active lifestyles, yet their love for the human touch, which is a part of their lives from birth, also makes them excellent companions for quiet afternoons and sleepy nights.


As you explore our site, you will find photos of our Labradors, their pedigrees, planned breedings, a detailed explanation of our breeding methods and philosophy, breed standard, a calendar of events, and other information about Rosewater Labradors. We hope you enjoy your visit.


We are proud members of THE LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB, INC., the AKC Parent Club of the

Labrador Retriever.

If you need additional information, or wish to contact us, please visit our contact page.